Introducing our COVID-19 Event Technology Toolkit

Introducing our COVID-19 Event Technology Toolkit

Dan Crow

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a drastic and lasting effect on our industry. As economies and companies reemerge into a new event landscape we do so with the opportunity to reevaluate and reshape the way we approach events and public gatherings. Working alongside a range of venues, attractions and event organisers, we have highlighted and developed a number of system features in order to accelerate the digital transformation and support our clients, venues, staff and customers in online, hybrid and live events.

Aidan Dean Pawson, Managing Director

Our COVID 19-Toolkit is a collection of system tools, features and operational processes highlighted as must-haves in the new-normal. Following local Government guidance from related industries, advice on gatherings from the WHO and planning COVID-Responsible strategies we present the Zicket COVID 19-Toolkit. 

The toolkit is broken down into three main sections: Ticketing, Access Control and RFID & Cashless Payments

Our Ticketing Features include Real-Name Ticketing, Health & Travel Declarations and Digital Track & Trace.

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We've developed three Access Control specific system features including our Self-Scan box

See more Access Control specific features here

Go Cashless with Mobile Payment Terminals, Own Device Ordering or introduce RFID Technology and reduce contact between staff and customers.

Learn more about our COVID-19 responsive RFID & Cashless solutions here

Operational processes across your business will change so we asked Operations Manager, Jav Hanif for an update in order to give you a practical understanding of our COVID-19 Toolkit.

What measures and system features have Zicket deployed in response to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our system has a number of features that support the ‘new-normal’ brought about by COVID-19 including, Real-Name Ticketing, Custom Questionnaires & Declarations, Capacity Controls, Timed Sessions, Marked Seating and Table Bookings for ticketed events. For on-site deployments, we've put preventative measures in place to help ensure that the environment and equipment we use is safe for both clients and staff. Firstly by maintaining good hand hygiene, all staff also wear a surgical mask and have their temperature taken prior to working. All equipment is assigned to an individual staff member or vendor helping to reduce potential cross-contamination and our self-serve options like the self-scan box for access control help to reduce peer-to-peer contact altogether.

Jav Hanif, Operations Manager