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We can help with everything to do with your event, with pre-event, during the event and also post-event. We believe we provide the best end to end system on the market. We can adjust to your needs and provide marketing support for you to get the best out of your event. We are a dedicated team of experts who have worked on events all around the world. Please get in touch to speak to a member of our team about how you can get started today! 

Yes, we have a dedicated space for adverts, which is great for any upcoming events that you have going on or anything else you would like to advertise we can add this to the eTickets that the customers will receive after purchase. 

Yes, This feature is available - Contact us for more info.

We have ticket templates that we can show you, these can be very flexible and you can add as much or as little info as you like on the e-Tickets - This can all be customised to your event.

This is paid out after the event has taken place, however, we can in certain instances be flexible and offer advance payments off the back of ticket sales. But traditionally it is paid to the promoter within a week of the event has taken place.

Our fees are flexible and dependent on your ticket prices. We can work with you to put together a great package.

This is all dependant on your event - We pride ourselves on putting together the best support for our clients. As you can read in our testimonial

It depends on the amount you require, how long you need them for and if you require any training. Please get in touch for more info

We can support you in any way you like! We can provide training, scanning equipment, marketing support and also help with marketing campaigns to get the event(s) in front of people who will be interested in attending.


We work with you every step of the way. You are not just another event. We will assign you your very own Account manager with us, who will be here to guide you and make any changes to your event. We will create dedicated marketing campaigns to really get the best out of your event and get it in front of people who will want to attend. We provide Etickets to the customers so they can be scanned in and allow for a much faster access control than other providers. 

Yes, customers can claim unspent credits back online via a portal or they can claim a refund on-site at the event. There is a range of different options available to suit your event. 

It can help in a variety of ways - across all aspects of the event can benefit from the use of RFID.

Customers & Event attendees:-
Faster queues
No need to carry cash
Top up in advance or throughout the event
Easy to use

Event Staff:-
Reduction in Cash handling
Easy to use
Own assigned device which tracks sales
Trained on Site & Support throughout the event
No need to count tokens / Cash
Eliminates Fraud

Event Organisers:-
Full analytics and data to improve future events

Increase in Spend
Reduction in Queuing times
Eliminates theft
Reduces operational costs
A provider that you can trust to provide an End to End service
Increases customer SPH
Not network dependant.

We offer a really dynamic pricing structure - There is no set payment option. It all depends on the size, length and location of your event so please get in touch if you would like an initial quote. We would just need a few details from you in order to provide you with a quote.

With Contactless / Octopus or similar setups, you reduce the cash handling and the queuing times but that is where it ends. You will not receive the same level of reporting as RFID does. Dependant on the system you choose a lot of them are network dependent so if there is any network outage it would mean you would not be able to trade. Contactless cards and Octopus cards also only transact in your local currency, Zicket is able to create a custom event currency just for your event, handling up to 4 consecutive currencies and additional coupons giving the organiser a great range of flexibility.

We believe at Zicket we have the most in-depth reporting on the market. We can tell you which of your areas are the busiest. Which areas are making the most money? Best performing staff and most popular products on the site. We work with you to help get even more out of your event for years to come!

If you are in online mode you can track all this in real-time. If not, don't worry. We can go through it all with you at the end of the event session!

Yes! One of the biggest myths when it comes to RFID or ‘Cashless’ is that you need to have the internet for the system to work, this is simply not true! If you don't have access to the internet you can still take cashless payments. The only thing that would differ between an Online / Offline is the live reporting - With online mode you can see live spending and report in real-time. With offline this will be synced up at the end of the event or when a connection becomes available. 

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless technology used to transfer data between an RFID reader and an RFID tag, RFID can be integrated into a wristband or membership card. Each tag contains a unique ID associated with and identifiable to the individual event visitor wearing the RFID consumable (card or band.)

For events, RFID is used primarily for access control, brand activation and cashless payments, creating significant advantages for event organizers, sponsoring brands and visitors alike.

Event organiser - there is a huge amount of benefits to going cashless at your events. From improving the analytics at the event(s), the speed of service at the bars/vendors to the safety and security of the event organisers on-site cash handling.

Event Visitor - They can track their spending throughout the event, check funds and their balance at any location. Feel the benefit of vastly reduced queuing times ensuring event attendees have a seamless experience.