RFID - The Complete Guide

RFID - The Complete Guide

James Livingston

You’ve already brushed up on the basics of RFID, perhaps you’ve already decided that RFID is the best solution for your event, but you’re an event organiser and you want to know the ins and outs of every last detail before you make the final call. We completely understand, so we’ve put together the ultimate complete guide to RFID in an easy-to-digest deck. 

What’s in the guide? 

  • All the RFID stats you need to know.
  • How the RFID system works.
  • An overview of the customer journey with RFID.
  • All of the key benefits of using RFID. 
  • About Zicket and our team. 
  • What kind of events RFID can be used for. 
  • Case studies including testimonials from other organisers. 
  • Our clients.
  • Our awards and accolades. 
Over 5,000,000 RFID transactions were processed at the AIA Carnival, equating to 6.5 transactions per second!

Learn about all of the key benefits of RFID, including:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Increased spend per head.
  • In depth reporting.
  • Reduced transaction time & shorter queueing times.
  • 100% uptime as a result of no network reliance. 
  • Live sales data.
  • Tracked customer spending. 
  • Fast top-ups and pre-event top ups.
  • Secure revenue from customers in advance of your event.
  • Safe and secure transactions. 
  • Eliminate handling of cash and human error. 
  • Dual language training for your team. 
  • Complete transparency.
  • And plenty more! 

See what one of our clients has to say

All food & beverage outlets and merchandise stores could provide the guests with a quick ‘one step’, ‘one tap’ transaction by using the branded zicket card. The technology was easy to use and most of all simple to teach catering staff how to use, plus to have the onsite zicket team to provide support when needed. I would have no hesitation to reuse the zicket system at similar events in the future.

Warwick Jones - Director Events, Sponsorships & Citizenship, Societe Generale

Ok, let’s see it!

To view the RFID guide instantly, please click here. One of our dedicated account managers will also be in touch for when you’re ready to start discussing the perfect tailored solution for your event.