Is RFID (Cashless Payments) A Good Fit For Your Event?

Is RFID (Cashless Payments) A Good Fit For Your Event?

James Livingston

We might be biased at Zicket, but we think RFID is the future of events, a game-changing solution for event organisers that is definitely here to stay. If you’ve got a few minutes, let us explain why below. 

Before we get started, if you’ve not got a clue what RFID is and need a quick overview, we suggest reading our short article on The Basics of RFID first. 

How does RFID work logistically? 

We’re all too aware of the work that goes into planning and operating an event and we know that one of the first questions on your mind is “how will all of this work logistically? And what will it mean for me and my team?”

With the industry experts at Zicket, you can trust that your event is in the best possible hands. Our team have supplied RFID solutions across over 700 event days covering a range of events including festivals, fanzones, carnivals and more. We’re committed to using our experience to make your life easy while unlocking as many of the benefits of using RFID as possible.

The average spend per head when using a contactless device is on average 16-35% higher compared to a non-RFID transaction.

Implementing RFID at your event, a step by step:

  1. Get in touch with the Zicket team.
  2. Consult with your Zicket account manager who will create the perfect tailored solution for your event after understanding your event requirements.
  3. Take away the worry of sourcing additional infrastructure like POS systems, tills, a secure place to store cash, and even additional power outlets. Our whole RFID system runs on compact, battery powered, secure, mobile devices. We can even run our RFID system without a network connection if needed!
  4. Understand our simple, step-by-step guides on how to use RFID, allowing you to easily communicate the system internally with your team and externally through your marketing to customers ahead of the event.
  5. Advertise incentivised pre-event top-ups to your customers (e.g. “Top up $500 and receive a free drink”), securing revenue before the event. 
  6. Before your event starts your whole team will receive an in-depth but digestible training from the on-site Zicket team. This will be supplemented by ongoing support from our team throughout your event. 
  7. During the event, your customers will enjoy shorter queueing times, faster transactions, safe and secure payments and a smoother overall event experience thanks to our industry leading RFID solution. 
  8. You and your team will benefit from in depth real time reporting that allows for deeper understanding of customer behaviour, on-the-fly operational changes and an improved level of customer service. RFID is also proven to increase customer spend per head, meaning more money in your pocket!  
  9. Your money is secure thanks to a drastically reduced risk of theft or loss of cash.
  10. After the event, you can refund unspent credit, also known as breakage, to customers via our online portal. Unredeemed unspent credit is sent to you or donated to your chosen charity after the refund window has elapsed. 
  11. Once all credit refunds have been processed, we provide you with an in-depth, granular and transparent breakdown of your revenue including but not limited to: sales by item, sales by location, and sales over time. 

See what one of our clients has to say

Zicket provided a complete RFID solution for our event, Sheffield Student Festival 2021 and we were thoroughly impressed with the team and the technology from start to finish. The implementation of the system was stress-free on our side and all of the 80 or more on-site staff who had to use the system seemed confident right from the get-go thanks to the concise and informative pre-event training by the on-site Zicket team. One of our favourite outcomes of working with Zicket was the fantastic response we had to the incentivised pre-event top-ups which really helped with increasing customer spend per head beyond our expectations. The reporting is excellent. Having a host of live data was helpful for a number of reasons and the transparent post-event report meant we were able to pay vendors, check stock and process any refunds quickly and with ease. It was all extremely efficient.

Dean Edwards - Managing Director, Organised Chaos Events

If you’ve almost decided that RFID is right for your event and want to dive a little deeper into the ins and outs, you can download our full RFID deck here. It contains everything you need to know about the solution including contact information for our team who are ready and waiting to tailor the service to the needs of you and your event.