On Site Operations with Jav Hanif

On Site Operations with Jav Hanif

James Livingston

As the operations manager here at Zicket, how many events have you worked on altogether now?

Since joining Zicket I have worked on nine large scale events in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen, welcoming over 3 million customers this past year and spending over 100 days on-site at events.

If you are thinking about RFID for an event. What level of support does the operations team provide? 

The operations team work closely with our clients to ensure projects run seamlessly, liaising with the event organisers and their wider team ensuring all event requirements are met. The operations team offer support before, during and after your event has passed.

I want to sell my tickets on Zicket, how can you and the client services team help with that?

The dedicated client services manager will help to get your event on the Zicket website quickly. One of our client services managers will help to review the event information and list the event in the most effective way on the system. Once the tickets are on sale the client services manager will also ensure you have access to sales, daily order reports and scanning equipment for easy access to the event for customers.

The staff working at my event have never used an Access Control system before. Can you help get them up to speed?

Of course, the Zicket delivery staff will give an introduction to the devices and equipment and show the staff how to scan and redeem tickets as efficiently as possible. Whether scanning on QR Code or RFID Tag our apps are fast, intuitive and easy to use. 

Can you help with the reporting? What level of info can I get from you before, during and after the event?

Zicket offers a high level of event reporting and as standard, daily sales reports are sent to an organiser before and during the event automatically from the system. If you have an online RFID event we can also offer live event reporting which can be used to get the most out of your event. Post-event Zicket provides a detailed wrap report including key insights, findings and recommendations.

There is a long way to go before my event starts, how much time do you need to get everything set up?

We have an experienced event delivery team which enables us to have a quick and efficient turn around time. The turn around time will depend on the requirements of the event but for a ticketed event the turn around time is generally only a couple of days and only a couple of weeks for an RFID event. 

How can I get the most out of RFID for my event?

We provide a fully transparent RFID solution for the client, vendors and customers. Every tap is recorded meaning we have the insight to check order history, correct orders and check the balances of the tags at any time. Some of the key benefits of using RFID include:

  • Fully mobile system, battery-powered
  • Not network-dependent
  • Create custom event currencies
  • Uncrackable and unclonable RFID tags
  • Fastest payment method for high-turnover events (1-2 seconds per transaction)
  • Proven increase in spend per head on events worldwide
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Fewer mistakes due to staff mishandling cash
  • Full vendor insight
  • Advance top-ups online

How can I get the most out of Zicket?

Zicket utilises industry-leading technology and experienced event professionals to deliver end-to-end event technology solutions for venues and major events. Specialising in Ticketing, Access Control and RFID systems. Zicket empowers clients and delivers best-in-class solutions for event management and event operations.