Getting the most out of Zicket with Elvis Lam

Getting the most out of Zicket with Elvis Lam

James Livingston

1 - You are part of the Client Services team, can you explain a bit about what you do?

Listen and understand what the client needs, helping the client with our company’s product and offer our professional support. We are usually the first point of contact with the event organiser so if there are any quick changes we can help with that, We also work with the client to set everything up to look exactly how they would like on the site. We can also arrange the dispatch of tickets and liaise with our marketing team on your behalf.

1 - 您是客戶服務團隊的一員,您能解釋一下您的工作嗎


2 - What level of support can you help with in terms of setting up my event with Zicket?

We set up everything for you, we just need the info from you. We will discuss with you how you want to look and feel to be on the site. We can also arrange if you need to hire scanners, have tickets pre-printed or introduce an on-site system that we can provide for you.

2 - 在使用Zicket設置我的活動方面,您可以提供多大程度的支持?


3 - Being able to speak Cantonese as well as English. How do you think that helps with your role?

I think that communication is always key for events, we should always try and be on the same page. It helps me to provide the training to everyone so nothing gets lost in translation! It allows me to speak to everyone in the team, from people who are scanning their first event to all the training that using an RFID system for the first time needs.

3 - 能說廣東話和英語。您如何看待這有助於您的角色?


4 - If I want to make changes to the event, how quickly can you help with this?

Our Client Services team are always on hand to help just let us know what changes you require and we can always be on hand to help as best we can!

4 - 如果我想對活動進行更改,您可以多快幫忙解決這個問題?


5 - Can you help me get more data about my event?

Yeah, we can always get more data out of your event. We can delve as deep as you like. We use Google Analytics to really delve deep into the data and there is so much you can learn from every event and every on sale!

5 - 你能幫助我獲得更多關於我的活動的數據嗎?

當然可以,我們總能夠從您的活動中獲取大量數據。我們可以為你深入鑽研。我們使用Google Analytics(分析)深入挖掘數據,您可以從每個活動和每個銷售中學到很多東西!

6 - What tips can you give us to make our event stand out?

There are loads of things we can do - We can work with the marketing team to have you featured, we can place adverts on targeted mailers for you and put together an audience that we think would be interested in your event.

6 - 您可以提供哪些建議讓我們的活動脫穎而出?

我們可以做很多事情 - 我們可以與營銷團隊合作,呈現您的活動的特色,我們可以為您安排針對性目標的郵件廣告,並組建一個我們認為會對您的活動感興趣的觀眾層。

7 - I am a bit nervous about switching to a new provider what support can you give me?

We understand that switching to a new provider is daunting sometimes, but this is why we have such a large support network around you so you feel comfortable and extremely confident when you choose Zicket. We have a real team of experts who have worked on events all around the world. So you can feel secure your event is in the right place and we will be here to support you every step of the way

7 - 關於轉換到新的供應商,我有點擔心你能給我什麼支持?


8 - I have multiple events coming up - Does Zicket have any features that can help me promote this?

Yeah, there are loads of features we can use to list your event on-site and also through our social media platforms. As mentioned we can send targeted mailers, brand activation ideas in the lead-up and also make sure you are having plenty of attention on our website and google adverts.

8 - 我有多個活動即將舉行 - Zicket是否有任何可以幫助我推廣此功能的功能?