Modernising The Traditional Token System With RFID At AIA Carnival

Modernising The Traditional Token System With RFID At AIA Carnival

Aidan Dean Pawson


The award-winning AIA Great European Carnival is the largest carnival in Hong Kong history hosting over 500 live entertainment events, welcoming 120 rides and distributing millions of plush toys to date. The AIA Carnival is a highlight event in the Hong Kong calendar welcoming up to 1 million guests per year.


The AIA Carnival has hosted over 4 million customers in total, utilising a number of service providers from around the world. Heading into its 5th Birthday event, expectations were high with a bold new look and a fresh focus on technology and innovation. 

The AIA Carnival required a flexible and end-to-end solution for their complex event set-up. In previous years, transactions at the carnival had been managed using a token system which came with a host of problems that were waiting to be solved including a lack of real time insights and a lot of time spent counting tokens.


Zicket worked very closely with all departments (marketing, sales, finance and operations) to integrate technology and solutions to digitalise and streamline people and event management. Covering the full customer journey across ticketing, access control and cashless payments to deliver a seamless experience and provide valuable insights and data for the client.

The daily reports on all systems being run throughout the Carnival (over 36,000 sq m) were received on time every day and provided a thorough and detailed breakdown on all aspects of sales across the event. This has revolutionised the way we work internally, providing extremely thorough and intricate information on our event. The high speed at which the information was available was exceptional and exemplary. The team are efficient and quick as well as personable. It’s a delight to work with Zicket and we look forward to strengthening our relationship over the coming years.

Penny Seymour, Event Director

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This resulted in the best carnival to date, welcoming 1 million guests, increasing online and advance ticket revenue, increased top-up value and overall spend. The carnival saw growth across all areas and KPI's with access to more data than ever before allowing the event to make instant and data-driven decisions to tweak the offering whilst in operation.

The long event gives us and the client time to review, implement and test throughout and running all customer activity via one solution made the whole operation much more efficient. Not having to count tokens to account for every transaction alone meant that over 300,000 HKD in staffing costs were saved, while a combination of data-driven decisions, reduced transaction times and advanced top ups contributed to a massive increase in F&B revenue, from 1% of the carnival's overall revenue in previous years to 10%.

We look forward to our continued partnership with such a prestigious event and pushing the envelope on event data and technology for events.

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