Advance sales for The Great Circus of Europe soar by 40%

Advance sales for The Great Circus of Europe soar by 40%

Aidan Dean Pawson


The Great Circus of Europe returned to Hong Kong for its second year as part of the AIA Carnival. Produced by Gandy's world-famous circus and promoted by The Great European Carnival the show ran for over 65 days with 185 shows.


The client needed a modern ticketing and access control provider to streamline ticketing solutions, add insight and align with 3rd party providers to manage the full ticketing allocation centrally via a one-solution system.


Zicket was enlisted as the lead agent and were able to offer a full spectrum ticketing solution covering online sales, buy-outs & corporate sales, marketing campaigns & discounts, on-site sales as well as entry management.


The client saw an increase in sales by 36%, advance sales grew by 40%, advance revenue jumped by 37% and we added multiple sales channels and 3rd party resellers via one system.

Giving greater insight, rich data and live sales information allowed for an integrated marketing campaign and tracked ROI resulting in live adjustments and valuable insight and data for future shows.

Sales Grew
Advanced Sales Grew
Revenue Growth

‘We were impressed with Zicket as a ticket agency provider, their flexibility both online and live on site coupled with a variety of reports, suited our event and needs. We do believe that Zicket played a vital role in the success of attendance at our event and the smooth running of the financial administration and accounting to us as promoters.’

Peter Massera, Gandeys

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