Merging the old and new: Printing 300,000 Hard Stock Tickets for AIA Carnival

Merging the old and new: Printing 300,000 Hard Stock Tickets for AIA Carnival

Dan Crow


The AIA Carnival is an award-winning event which takes place on the Hong Kong Harbourfront each Winter. Organised by The Great European Carnival, Headline Sponsor AIA and numerous Partners & Service Providers. The AIA Carnival welcomes up to 1 Million guests per year.


The AIA Carnival grows year-on-year in terms of visitor size, advance purchases and number of partners & sponsors involved in the event and there is still a large emphasis on traditional hard-stock tickets. 

In the past, this part of the operation has been outsourced but with numbers now rising to over 300,000 pieces plus a wide range of ticket types, templates and entitlements, it was the right time to bring this in-house, reduce costs, improve efficiency, flexibility and also drastically reduce the turnaround time. 


Zicket developed physical ticketing printing into the system alongside the existing online e-ticketing and box office receipt ticketing. We utilise the industry standard Boca printers and handled all generation, printing and dispatching in-house allowing a greater range of templates and entitlement sets, multiple stock designs and completely removing the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). 


This was a great edition to the AIA Carnival service and helped ease pressure of outsourcing this service. Lead-time & turn-around were reduced and the ordering window was open even after the event had started. 

Printing over 300,000 tickets on multiple paper types with over 28 templates was a great challenge that the team took on with open-hands. Turnaround time was reduced from an average of 6 weeks to 1 week and the increased flexibility resulted in more sales and more flexibility for the sales teams. 

Zicket in-house printing technology provide an effective and efficient solution to The AIA Carnival. Turnaround time shortened from month to week as a result of increasing profitability for all parties. More flexibility on the order amount and finally avoiding the risk from a outsourced printing company. A significant improvement in the hard stock ticket operation with 300,000 hard stock tickets and it helped us in estimation, preparation, delivery and ticketing management. I appreciate Zicket ticket system and strongly recommend to other organizer and event producer.

KC Chung, TGEC - Ticketing Manager

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